Matt Bratton

Matt is the founder of UTS and head of Maintenance Operations

Brad Horvath

Brad joined the team as our Financial Guide and Accounting.

Tristian Allicock

Owner of TRSC Aquatics, Tristian is the Retail and Coral Farm manager guiding day-to-day operations. He also runs marketing.

Emily Bell
Manager/Social Media

Emily is our lead Freshwater SME and general manager.

Our Team Members

Gavin Bowersox
Senior Maint Tech

One of our senior Maintenance techs focuses mainly on our commercial builds and services.

Vincent Goheen
Maint Tech

New to our team Vincent is a new addition to our team.

Lesley O'neal Waddy
Senior Maint Tech

Lesley is an amazing coral and sales guru. He leads our Maintenance team.

Diana Allicock
Coral Farmer/ Retail

Diana is our resident coral farmer. She handles day to day shipping, coral farm management and maintenance.

Nathan Jeffers
Maint Tech

Nathan is one of our best Maintenance techs handling the majority of our corporate clients. 

Caleb Dmochowski
Maint Tech

Caleb is one of our most senior techs handling upscale and educational facilities.


Trevor Paden
Maint Tech/Retail

A man of many trades Trevor fills in on the maintenance team as well as the retail store as needed. 

Retail Sales/ Farm/Tech

Join our award-winning team by submitting your application. Work in the Farm, Retail, or On the road.