Introducing our new Coral Farm TRSC Aquatics

Under The Sea, the #1 Aquarium Maintenance Company in North Carolina, has announced a new partnership with, a coral farming company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. will provide Under The Sea with a variety of high-quality coral frags at affordable prices, as well as expert advice and support for reef hobbyists. The New Coral Farmer for Under The Sea was founded in 2019 by Tristian and Diana, a couple with over 15 years of combined experience in reefing and aquaculture. They started their business from their home, where they cultivated and propagated corals in their own tanks. They soon expanded to a larger facility, where they now have over 3000 gallons of water and hundreds of coral species. offers overnight delivery to customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the rest of the continental US, as well as a live arrival guarantee1.

Under The Sea is a local fish store that connects marine and freshwater lovers with the best products and services for their aquariums. Under The Sea offers a wide range of products, such as fish, invertebrates, plants, equipment, and accessories, as well as services, such as installation, maintenance, and consultation. Under The Sea also features a community section, where users can share their experiences, tips, and photos with other reefers.

The partnership between Under The Sea and will benefit both parties, as well as the customers and the environment. Under The Sea will be able to offer its customers more options and quality for their coral needs, while will gain more exposure and reach for their business. The customers will enjoy the convenience and value of ordering coral frags online, as well as the satisfaction of supporting sustainable and ethical coral farming practices. The environment will also benefit from the reduced impact of wild coral harvesting, which can damage the natural reefs and ecosystems.

To celebrate the partnership, Under The Sea and are offering a special promotion for the first 100 customers who order coral frags from through Under The Sea. The customers will receive a 10% discount on their order, as well as a free frag. To take advantage of this offer, visit TRSC Aquatics website2 and use the code UTSTRSC at checkout.

Under The Sea and are excited to work together and provide the best coral farming service for the marine community. They invite everyone to check out their websites and social media pages for more information and updates. They also welcome any feedback and suggestions from their customers and fans.

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